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K9 Ramblers was established in April 2008.   After I was made redundant from a high street bank  I decided that I really didn't want to work in an office again  and so set about turning a delightful pass time into a career.

My customers include spaniels, collies, labradors, terriers, bassett hounds, poodles and weimaraners.   I also have experience with more demanding dogs, for example, those who show aggression to other dogs and those who refuse to walk away from their homes without their owners.

We provide a dog walking or sitting service based around your needs.  We are happy to keep your dog on or off a leash and walk wherever they feel happiest.  Whenever a dog stays with us they are treated like our own pet and are always kept inside the house so they have company throughout the day and night.   They will be walked each day and have the opportunity to walk with other dogs if you are happy for them to socialise.

Dogs can be collected and dropped back and if daily visits are required while you are away curtains can be opened/closed to make your home appear like you are still there.   I also have experience feeding rabbits, tortoises and cats.